The Dice is Right

Roll the dice, draw a card, get the lowest score!


What's Your Number?

Create a number, and use logic to guess the player’s number.

Solve It First

Create a problem, set a timer, and solve it first.

Fractions Race

Create a fraction using cards and simplify it first!

Go Fish MaThCliX Style

Enjoy this fun twist on Go Fish!

Cover Your Area

Roll the dice, color the area!

Multiplication War

Flip, multiply, dominate!

Conquer, Fortify, and Colonize

Roll the dice and decide how you will dominate the grid.

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

Go ahead and try…Don’t be afraid!


Multiply and find the greatest common factor.

Connect 2 + 2

Roll, decide, strategize, and get four in a row!

Math Jack

Get the most points in 10 rounds!

Math Spoons

Get your value, grab a spoon!

Race to 50

Be the first to reach 5o with your card equations!