Platonic Solids

Construct the platonic solids.  Learn about vertices, edges, and faces and how they are related.

Base Ten Blocks

Exploring ones, tens, and hundreds; Exploring decimals; Addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals.

Integer Operations

Promote understanding of how positive and negative numbers combine through addition and subtraction.

Completing the Square

Visually see how to “complete the square” with this lesson.

Montessori Pink Tower

Use the Montessori Pink Tower to discover squares, cubes, area, and volume

Pattern Blocks

Pattern Blocks

Use Pattern Blocks to Identify Polygons, Understand Fractions, Symmetry, and Area


Discover area and perimeter of various polygons.

Polygons and Pattern Blocks

Explaining different types of polygons, perimeter, area, types of angles and their measures, and similar shapes.

Fraction Circles II

Practice comparing fractions, understanding percentages, dividing fractions, and understanding mixed numbers.

Computing With Base Ten Blocks

Use these worksheets to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with Base Ten Blocks.

Number Bonds

Master addition and subtraction facts.

Cuisenaire Rods

Explore units, combinations, counting, proportion, addition, multiples, fractions, and more.

Fraction Circles

Increase understanding of adding and subtracting fractions


Recognize and understand shapes, triangles, and types of angles.

Geoboard and Angles Measures

Discover measures of angles using the Geoboard.

Advanced Number Bonds

Extend the idea of a number bond to multiplication and division of integers and fractions, as well as one-step equations.