Tracy Porter

Tracy is the Founder and Director of MaThCliX, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Concentration in Teacher Certification and a Master of Arts for Teachers in Mathematics, both from Georgia State University.  She is currently a GA certified teacher in mathematics with gifted endorsement and also holds a certification in International Baccalaureate Mathematics.  She has experience teaching middle school, high school, and college.  Teaching college courses for Early Childhood Majors has prepared her to assist elementary students with the how and why behind the mathematics they learn, instead of just teaching rules and rote memorization.  She has also had exposure to Montessori methods of learning through volunteering in the classroom for her own children.  Tracy has discovered that her real passion lies in allowing each student to discover that they can do math and seeing each student experience the good feeling of accomplishment and success through their own work and efforts. Having spent time in the classroom, Tracy has learned that in most situations, even the best classroom teacher cannot meet every learning need of every student in their class and thus, extra student support is a necessity for success.   Tracy enjoys tutoring any level and branch of mathematics from counting basics to college.