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Do you want to know more about MaThCliX®?  We are a Woodstock MaTh tutoring and learning center dedicated to solving math problems and helping students do and learn math to be successful in the classroom.  We specialize in high quality math tutoring to meet the needs of every student.  We also have a dynamic test prep team of tutors to prepare students to reach their goals for tests, like the SAT and ACT, AP exams and more!   

Each student may receive an assessment and an individualized learning plan to help bridge gaps, enhance current skills, and prepare for future mathematics.  Students may also receive homework help with their current classes.  Although, students may work at the same table, we provide instruction and student work at the individual level.  Private tutoring is also available in many subjects other than math, as needed.

We believe that each student has a unique learning style (written, verbal, visual, tactile, mental, etc.) that our math tutors work to discover and accommodate with instruction and/or materials.  Since mathematics is a cumulative subject, we believe that bridging gaps is essential to prepare for the future learning of mathematics.  We believe in creating independent thinkers who become self-advocates for their learning.  We model and encourage organizational and time management skills to help students prepare for the future.  We believe that all students can be successful in mathematics and our success lies in watching our students discover success.  We look forward to working with you and your student and building a successful future.

MaThCliX Tip: We recommend starting ASAP!  The way to success in MaTh is to stay on top of it and not fall behind.  Be proactive and consistent.  MaTh requires daily effort and practice.  It is not a subject you can “cram” for, nor is it a subject you can observe!  We expect the student to be active learners and doers.

“The folks at MaThCliX are fantastic at helping to break down complicated concepts into simple, easy to understand pieces. They helped my daughter move from overwhelmed to feeling confident and capable in how to tackle her current math lessons. Excellent environment with friendly employees who have multiple methods of explaining math in numbers and hands on manipulatives to create full understanding.  We will definitely be back!”-Kelly

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