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College Freshman Acceptance Scores

ACT and SAT Practice Tests

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Old SAT 

(through Jan. 2016)


(March 2016)



¼ point penalty

No penalty

No penalty


Three: Math, Reading,and Writing

Three: Math, Reading, and Writing & Language

Four: Math, Science, Reading, and English 


Composite score based on all three scored sections


Composite score based on two scored sections:

Math and Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing


Composite score based on all four scored sections 






Answer Choices





3 hours, 45 min

no essay: 

3 hours, 45 min

with essay:

4 hours, 35 min

no writing: 

2 hours, 55 min

with essay:

3 hours, 25 min

Math Sections

Three Sections

54 total questions

70 minutes

Two Sections

58 total questions

80 minutes

One Section

60 questions

60 minutes

Math Content

Arithmetic (20-24%), Algebra I and II (35-39%), Geometry (25-30%), Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability (11-13%)

Algebra (35%), Advanced Algebra (27%), Geometry and Trigonometry (10%), Data Analysis and Problem Solving (28%)

*emphasis on algebra and word problems

Pre-Algebra (20-25%), Algebra I (15-20%), Algebra II (15-20%), Plane Geometry (20-25%), Coordinate Geometry (20-25%), Trig (5-10%) 

Reading Sections

Three Sections

67 total questions

70 minutes

One Section

52 questions

65 minutes

One Section

40 questions

35 minutes


19 sentence completion and 4-6 in-context questions from passages

8-10 in-context questions from passages and in 2-4 questions in Writing section

*text complexity rating is higher on these passages

2-4 in-context questions from the passages and in 2-3 questions in the English section

Writing Sections

Three Sections

one essay and two multiple choice

49 questions

35 minutes

One Section

44 questions

35 minutes

One English Section

75 questions

45 minutes

Science Sections None None Directly

40 questions

35 minutes


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