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Master the Digits of Pi

Read this blog to learn about a few strategies to help you master the digits of Pi for the MaThCliX Digits of Pi Contest on March 14th at 5pm!

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Keeping Focused in Classes You Don’t Enjoy By Tyler Mathena Nobody likes every subject in school. Teachers love to pretend that their subject is fascinating to everybody because they like it, but it is pretty clear that is not the case. Many students are passionate...
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Study Habits  “I don’t write it down to remember it later, I write it down to remember it now.” Umberto Eco Here are a few of my ideas to help you study, take notes, and learn. Take copious and detailed notes, especially in math and science. The more detailed and...
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Stay Sharp Over Breaks

No student wants to be left behind after returning from their break because they have forgotten things learned in the fall. Here are some tips to help you stay sharp over your breaks to avoid an unpleasant return to the classroom.

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Despite how it may seem, finals do not have to be all that stressful if you have the right approach. If you start with these simple tips and tricks, finals will not be as bad as everyone makes them out to be.

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I Can’t Do Math

I know very intelligent people who for whatever reason believe that they just can’t do math.  While there may be some people who have suffered a brain injury of some sort where that part of the brain is damaged, for normal people, the brain is quite capable of...
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Should Students Memorize Multiplication Facts?

Should Students Memorize Multiplication Facts? I have been struck recently on how many students (and adults) struggle  with multiplication. This skill is so basic to math that lack of mastery makes progress in math very difficult, at best.  I  am not even concerned so...
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When Should I Take the SAT or ACT?

When Should I Take the SAT or ACT? By: Tyler Mathena The SAT and ACT are daunting for many students. The scores on these two tests (or just one) can determine what colleges you can attend, what scholarships you can apply for, and whether or not you get into the honors...
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Accelerated Math

Benefits of  the Accelerated Math Program By Taylor Powell As students approach middle school and high school, some students may be placed in an accelerated program depending on their standardized test scores and performance in previous math classes. There are major...
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Tough Times with Math

How to Get Through the Tough Times with Math Although math is one of my favorite subjects, and I am now am math tutor, math hasn’t always been easy for me. In fact, math has made me very discouraged.  I can remember a time in middle school when I referred to my math...
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I am a college student at Kennesaw State University double majoring in English and Business marketing. Without question, one of the best decisions I have ever made was to enroll at MaThCliX® for tutoring. The knowledge and expertise of the instructors, along with the selfless attention provided has been priceless; the results of which are sure to show in my GPA. I encourage anyone needing help, not only math, but also test preparation (SAT, ACT, etc), Spanish or English courses to get that help from MaThCliX®. It has been an invaluable experience for me.

~ Kelly ~

My daughter was having a hard time in math and I was having an even harder time helping her. We found MaThCliX and loved it instantly. My daughter has loved all of her tutors and she now has an A in math. Thank you so much MaThCliX!!

~ Kristina ~

I enjoy the atmosphere at MaThCliX. They are friendly, call the students by name, and are knowledgeable about their tutoring. They follow up with students on how a test went and care about whether or not the student understands. Definitely a top-notch learning place.

~ Melody ~

I would highly recommend. My senior had lost his confidence in math and was in danger of failing. Thanks to the staff at MathClix he will now be graduating and has gain back his confidence. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they make math fun.

~ Jessica ~