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Advantages of Virtual Tutoring

Unveiling the Power of Virtual Tutoring: Advantages and Effectiveness In recent years, the education landscape has experienced a significant transformation with the rise of virtual tutoring. As technology advances, traditional learning methods are evolving to...

What is an integral and why are integration rules so important?

What is an integral and why are integration rules so important? Integration is a calculus technique to find the area under a curve line. It involves the application of limit function and is closely related to the concept of...

Self-Discipline is Key

Self- Discipline is key!  With so much of our schooling and training moving to online formats, time management is becoming more and more important.  Have you ever sat down at your computer or opened your phone and suddenly forget what you were about to do...

AP Courses and Dual Enrolling

Advanced Placement (AP) vs. Dual Enrollment     The decision of taking either AP courses and Dual Enrolling at a nearby college (or even both) is a choice that many of us will have to make, and is one that is incredibly important in preparation for college. Before...

Learning Math

Learning math can be comfortable.  Essentially, everyone can learn mathematics. When it's presented well, learning mathematics needs about the same ability level as learning to read.  You may have heard of people who have gotten discouraged about learning math, but I...

Online or On-Campus

We learn something new everyday, and as technology rapidly accelerates, education is becoming more available to people throughout the world. All someone needs is a smartphone and an internet connection to have the world at their fingertip. Subsequently, people wonder...

Forget to Learn

A student learns that he has a test coming up sometime next week; a week goes by, and the student just now starts studying for his exam: the day before it! We’ve all been there; sometimes, it’s unavoidable, but students who continuously fall into this trap of...

The Universal Solution

“Show your work”, “Show your work”, “Show your work”, etc.!  The all too often phrase said by math teachers to students. And the students reply is often like, “But, I got the right answer!”.   So, why isn’t the answer good enough for most math teachers?  The answer to...

When to Introduce the Calculator

When Should Students be Introduced to Calculators?  I am sure that this topic could spark an interesting debate. Well, I certainly have no interest in debating, but, I would like to bring to light, my professional belief on this topic, after working with math students...

Summer Learning

Summer Learning—An Enrichment Opportunity Summer school!  What student or parent wants to hear that?    Not too many, and that is because the term “summer school” has a negative connotation associated with it.  Usually it insinuates that the student fell short during...

I am a college student double majoring in English and Business marketing. Without question, one of the best decisions I have ever made was to enroll at MaThCliX® for tutoring. The knowledge and expertise of the instructors, along with the selfless attention provided has been priceless; the results of which are sure to show in my GPA. I encourage anyone needing help, not only math, but also test preparation (SAT, ACT, etc) courses to get that help from MaThCliX®. It has been an invaluable experience for me.

~ Kelly ~

My daughter was having a hard time in math and I was having an even harder time helping her. We found MaThCliX and loved it instantly. My daughter has loved all of her tutors and she now has an A in math. Thank you so much MaThCliX!!
~ Kristina ~

I enjoy the atmosphere at MaThCliX. They are friendly, call the students by name, and are knowledgeable about their tutoring. They follow up with students on how a test went and care about whether or not the student understands. Definitely a top-notch learning place.
~ Melody ~

I would highly recommend. My senior had lost his confidence in math and was in danger of failing. Thanks to the staff at MathClix he will now be graduating and has gain back his confidence. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they make math fun.
~ Jessica ~