Oh the Places You Will Go

test prep

Oh the places you will go!

Why is so much emphasis placed on a test you will take on one day of your life?  Does the very thought make you want to cry or run away and join the circus?  Let’s dive into some information that can hopefully make those cold sweats stop and give your student the confidence he or she needs to accomplish this great task and unlock a world of opportunities for the places to go.

The SAT and ACT tests were designed to give colleges and universities a standard upon which to base their acceptance.  With school systems differing as much as pizza toppings, it is essential to have some similar way to test students coming from around the world.  Are these tests fair?  I could argue on both sides of this for days on end, but the bottom line is, these tests are required.

A high score on one or both exams can be just what is needed to differentiate between two students and get your student into the university of their dreams.  To obtain this high score, preparation is the key.  If your student has a smart phone, start by downloading an app that allows them to study vocabulary on their own, daily.  There are many free apps out there and knowing and using vocabulary is a big component to scoring well on the exam and aiding with the fundamentals for college.

How can MaThCliX help you?  MaThCliX offers various individualized plans of attack to help students conquer the world of SAT and ACT preparation.  We begin by offering a practice exam, with a full evaluation.  The Evaluation includes your student’s specific scores and where they need to focus their time.  Recommendations will be made a packages offered that may include independent work, classwork or individual tutoring sessions. As every student learns differently, the plan provided will include what is best for each student and not a generic one size fits all plan.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Katie Boswell.  Asking questions does not commit you to anything.  I want to help all students achieve their greatest potential and open up the opportunities for the places they can go.  [email protected]

How to Prepare for Finals

final exam A+How to Prepare for Finals-It’s that time of the year where students and teachers are working hard to bring the semester to the end.  With all of the demands and stress preparing for the upcoming tests, use these tips to help take control of finals and not let finals take control of you!

YOU NEED A PLAN…and for Math, that means doing a little each day!  I tell my students over and over and over again, you cannot “cram” for a math test, so don’t even try.  You cannot “fake” math, which means you actually have to take the time to learn it.  And with math, learning means doing.  There are no shortcuts and doing one problem is not enough to say “Oh, I get it!”.  The best thing to do is to keep up with the course and the homework the entire semester and clear up questions along the way.  Then, when it comes to the final, it’s just pulling it all together.

So, a good piece of advice is to take the study guide, if you are lucky enough to get one, and do a chunk of it each day.  Make a notecard along the way with formulas.  After you have gone through the whole study guide, take a mock test with a timer, because not only do you need to be able to do the problems, but do them in a timely manner, as well.

For middle and high schoolers, many teachers allow students to retake old tests and quizzes to improve their grade or turn in make-up work.  So, check with your teachers to see if you can do this.  Be proactive!  Do not expect them to chase after you.

Good luck!

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