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How to DO MaTh-

1. First, GET ORGANIZED.  You need a place for your MaTh!  Put together a notebook that includes a place to write down assignments and important dates, a place for notes, homework, and returned papers.  Keep it in sequential order and know where everything is so that you can refer back to it.  There must be order in the chaos of learning!

2. In Class, take notes.  Ask questions.  Do your homework and and all assignments.  Compare with other students, if necessary.  Make marks by questions that you did not understand and ask about those problems.  Correct any mistakes that you find and understand what you did wrong.  Once you have done it enough and you think you understand, try teaching and explaining to someone else.  If you can teach it, then you can be more confident that you actually understand it.

3. TAKE THE TIME TO BE NEAT AND COMPLETE.  Many people think that MaTh is just about the answer.  However, the process is often just as important and so, that is why students always hear “Show your work”!  Write the problem down, show each step and circle or box your answer.  This will allow you to go back and see your work, as well as your teacher or others.

4.  STUDYING IS DOING!  PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Do not think that if you understand what your teacher is doing and can follow along that you, too can do it.  Also, do not think that if you can do one or two problems that you have done enough and do not need to do anymore.  Learning MaTh means DOING MaTh!  You must do it for yourself repetitively.  That is how the connections of understanding are made and that is how you know if you can actually do it on the test.  MaTh is not a spectator sport!

5.  Understand TWO things:

1) Learning MaTh is like a giant snowball rolling down a hill.  It gets bigger and bigger.  In other words, once you learn it, it stays and you will use it in the future.  So, there is no place for learning MaTh just for a test and then thinking you can forget it.  It is a collection of skills that build into a giant “snowball”.

2) Everyone can DO MaTh!  There is no such thing as not being able to do MaTh because your parent wasn’t good at MaTh.  Confusion and struggle are normal parts of learning.  They are not going away.  However, determination and persistence will carry you through to success.

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